Meet a Volunteer – Debbie George

Meet a Volunteer - Debbie George

Debbie George

Organisation name: Tin Can Bay Fishing Club Inc

Your Role:  Secretary, fundraiser, and event co-ordinator

How many hours? 60 hours per month

What you like about volunteering: Assisting our club, our community, and other volunteer organisations

How long have you lived on the Cooloola Coast?  20 years

Other jobs: Dental nurse, optometrist receptionist

Your hobbies: Fishing, gardening and travel

Other clubs/community groups: Medical Transport and Cooloola Cove Disaster Management Group

Favourite movie: Pretty Woman

Favourite book: Hungry as the Sea by  Wilbur Smith

Favourite spot on the coast? Great Sandy Straits, Rainbow Beach and Double Island Point

Why would you encourage others to come on board?  Enjoy the interaction with members of a very friendly, social fishing club, enjoy the club events and the opportunity to assist other well respected volunteer groups.

Find out more:
Mobile 0437 242 171

Local community groups are welcome to send in your star volunteer profiles with a 500+kb photo to! If you need assistance, please give us a call on 5486 3561.

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