Meet a Tradie: Bob Walliker

Say hi to Rainbow Beach’s very own Bob the Builder!

Say hi to Rainbow Beach’s very own Bob the Builder!

How long have you lived at Rainbow Beach?

22 years

What brought you to our coast?

I took over the restaurant at Carlo Point for three and a half years. It was called Dock of the Bay, regular fare like seafood and steaks.

Where were you before?

Building in Brisbane.


Any sport – specifically cricket and Aussie Rules – I played both for years, now I watch. My favourite team is now Brisbane – it was South Melbourne.

What do you like about your job?

It has variety – no two jobs are the same. I haven’t been out of the street since November. I’m in ‘Tinny’ on Monday and start one at The Shores.I stay local when I can.

Most important thing about the job.

Getting it done right and getting paid, of course! It’s important that owners use trades that are licensed. There’s only two reasons people don’t have a license – they never qualified in the first place or they’ve had it taken off them!

Your favourite spot on the coast?

Rainbow Beach Pub – anywhere that’s got a beer! I like to do a bit of socialising, as we all do.

What do you love about the town?

I go to get the mail, and stop for a chinwag with whoever’s out and about. That’s what I love about the place. In Brisbane you don’t even know your neighbors! Take me out in a box. I’m going nowhere!

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