Maximum effort at Nipper Carnival

nippers carnival

RBSLSC Nipper Jimi Duggan (right) waits for the briefing – a Nipper Carnival is a LOT of waiting!

Rainbow Beach held it’s annual all age Nipper Carnival on October 15. It was a one-day carnival this year, with marshalling beginning around 7.30am and finishing up after 4pm. It was a huge day for our Nippers. The weather was cool with windy conditions and a strong ocean sweep to test abilities.

We had 22 Nippers represent Rainbow Beach aged from 8 -14 years against over 890 other competitors ranging from Hervey Bay to Redcliff.

But before I get into results, I have to mention how absolutely proud I am of the outstanding behaviour, camaraderie and respect every one of our Nippers displayed throughout the carnival. They certainly are fantastic kids.

Age Manager quote of the day came from Michael Brantz who looked after Charlie Kingsley. He said of the U13 Board Race, “Hammered by a big set, had to paddle against the sweep all the way to the southern can, took him a while but never gave up. Gutsiest thing I saw all day.”

Each of these events had an average of over 60 competitors and some clubs even have specific skill-related coaches to train and prepare kids for such events.

Our Nippers excelled themselves and put in their maximum effort with impressive results after just two hours on a Sunday morning these last few weeks preparing.

Congratulations all round.

A huge thank you to all our volunteers, age managers, water safety, first aid and those wonderful people in the food tent (including the RSL men and the CIRS team) keeping everyone fed, and finally Gympie Regional Council for their support throughout the carnival.


U8 Zoe Kingsley      1st Wades

U8 Scarlett Duggan 2nd Wades

U10 Emily Schooth    5th Surf Race,  4th Board Race

U11 Nathan Kingsley  Surf Race Final

U11 Jasmin White     1st Sprint Race Final, 8th Flags,10th Surf Race Final

U12 Archie Gilmore  Surf Race Final

U12 Will Dawkins     Surf Race Final

U12 Annie White      15th Surf Race Final

U12  Lily Wintle-Legge Surf Race Final

U13 Alex Brantz      7th Sprint Final

U14 Abby Schooth  Surf Race Final, Semi Final Flags

U14 Jorja Duggan    Semi Final Sprints, Completed Iron Person, Semi Final Flags

U15 James Worthington 9th Flags

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