Marine life on show

Bull rays at Wolf Rock

Bull rays at Wolf Rock

by Cheryl Maughan, Wolf Rock Dive

The grey nurse sharks have returned in numbers now and the mating season has begun, evidenced by the mating scars on a few of the males and one or two of the females. The males still outnumber the females by about 2 – 1 but that will all change very quickly.

Bull rays have been enjoying the strong currents that have started to run through Wolf Rock and eagle rays are starting to group together in their summer squadron flying formations.

As the currents become stronger this brings out more of the marine life but also makes conditions a little challenging for divers unfortunately, but where there is a will there is a way!

For the most part weather has been behaving itself with the odd few days of strong wind before it settles again. Visibility present is around 10 – 12 metres and water temperature is warming, currently 21 degrees.

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