Mapping the Gympie Region

Gympie Library invite you to a presentation by Bernard Fitzpatrick who will discuss early European maps through to modern satellite imagery of the Gympie Region.

Bernard Fitzpatrick is a geographer with major project experience in Australia, Sumatra, and Southern Sudan. He has a personal connection to Gympie through family links dating back to 1869.

Mr Fitzpatrick will show how maps are two dimensional representations of a theme of a locale and record how an area was understood at the time the map was produced. These historic snapshots can provide valuable information for those studying the history of a place.

Since the 1970’s, nearly anywhere on the Earth’s surface has been regularly captured as image datasets by satellites. These image datasets provide valuable science information from regional weather and climate data through to high detailed land cover information.

This presentation will run 10am to 11am, Saturday April 21 at Gympie Library.  Bookings are essential. Telephone: 5481 0859 or email: