Locals boost numbers for trail runs

Mums and daughters take on the 5km: Rochelle Harling, Sue Bennett, Emma and Helen Window

Mums and daughters take on the 5km: Rochelle Harling, Sue Bennett, Emma and Helen Window

Congratulations to all the trail runners who visited our town last month. It was fantastic to see the increase in the number of locals who joined in the competition.

Organiser Ann Raftery said, “It is our fifth one. Numbers are a bit down this year – but there are lots of runs on this weekend. We’re very positive and happy. The hotel has been fantastic offering us a $10 lunch deal for everybody. This is the original spot the trail runs started.”

Rainbow Beach’s Marty Baldry took out first place for the 5km run and Dee Seeley achieved second place. Her partner Greg Nott came third in the 11km section.

It is not the first time Greg Nott has taken the course. “It is a beautiful run. Thanks to the organisers. I did it more than 20 years ago when it was run by Dennis Parton, then Marty  (Baldry) and I did the run again in November 2011.”

The local physiotherapy team, their daughters and friend Gemma Newton entered as well.

Tin Can Bay Physio, Sue Bennet looked at her bib and professed, “This is the only way I can be number 1!”

Her sidekick, Helen Window was not looking forward to “that dirty great big hill” and “the last few feet of sand up to the other side”.

Helen whispered, “We cheated. We came down  and did the course last weekend – not realising we both did the course on separate days.”

Helen said it is a lovely course – but found it hard to find hills around TIn Can Bay to train on.

They were both impressed that so many locals turned up – seven of the nine 5km runners!

Excited before the event, Sue said, “You can’t find a nicer place to do something like this!”

“All five of us have done the Bridge to Brisbane. It is a lot of work to get there – travel, parking transport… This is so easy! Plus we have the small town buzz.”

You can walk or run the event – looks like it’s time to start training now for next year!

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