Local son wins ANZAC trip to Gallipoli

Zack Lindenberg heading to GallipoliZack Lindenberg is one of 70 Queensland students who will travel to Gallipoli in 2015 to take part in the historic Anzac Centenary commemoration alongside winners of the Premier’s Anzac Prize.

Zack said he will visit France, Turkey and Belgium.

“I am stoked, I haven’t been to Europe – Mum and Dad want to come too.”

David Gibson MP, member for Gympie, congratulated the town’s students, Zack and Grace Vogler, who were selected to take part in this extraordinary opportunity to tour for two weeks from April 22, 2015.

“The 2015 tour group, some of whom had relatives who served in World War I, will attend Anzac Day ceremonies both at Gallipoli and across the Western Front,” Mr Gibson said.

Zack said, “It was all because Grandma sent us an email from Chinchilla.” So he entered but was one of 265 hopefuls

The Premier’s Anzac Prize competition required students to produce an original, two to five-minute multimedia presentation exploring how the Anzac tradition has shaped Australia; why it’s still important and how future generations can keep the tradition alive.

“It was what the ANZAC spirit means to the current generation. I had a voice over with pictures of WWI and II.”

Zack’s parents, Brett and Sandra Lindenberg, are delighted with his win. Sandra said he put a lot of thought and effort into his entry.

The travellers are required to keep a diary, but have everything supplied for them.

“The only thing I’ll need to buy is souvenirs,” Zack smiled.

Premier Campbell Newman said, “It will be a unique experience and honour for these students and chaperones to stand on the Gallipoli Peninsula, 100 years to the day from when the Anzac soldiers landed.

Editor’s note: Congratulations Zack on representing your region and nation overseas. Attending a Gallipoli ANZAC ceremony is a heart-wrenching experience, but to do so on the centenary would be even more amazing.

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