Listen to ‘Reach for a Rainbow’

Josh Arnold and some of the RBSS song writers at just one of the beautiful destinations in the Reach for a Rainbow video

Josh Arnold and some of the RBSS song writers at just one of the beautiful destinations in the Reach for a Rainbow video

Last month, Josh Arnold and his Small Town Culture production crew visited Rainbow Beach.

Josh said, “Every week I get to visit different small schools and communities throughout regional Australia and tell their story with a song and music video, with the locals as the stars of the production. Pretty awesome job, hey?”

“Most of my work is out west in small country towns who have a close-knit community. So, when I was invited to Rainbow Beach State School I didn’t know what to expect because I rarely get to make music videos near the ocean.”

So how did the visit come about? Principal, Steve Bennett, told the Community News, “I knew, having worked with Josh previously, the way he was able to provide an opportunity for all students, but particularly those that are creative and musical, with an avenue to shine.

“The way he can tease from the students what is important to them and create an anthem that connects children to our community.  You can’t underestimate the sense of belonging as a contributor to wellbeing.”

Reach for a Rainbow

In our community, we take pride
Where the sand and sea, meet the sky
The gateway to K’gari, our paradise

Growing with each season, rolling with tides

4 wheel drive on a sandy track
Fishin’ boat, out the back
Surfboard, on the rack
Campfire burning

Reach for a Rainbow
Reach for a Rainbow
## How good is living
When you reach for a Rainbow

On ya boards, behind the break
Down the dunes, with your mates
Rainforest, Seary’s creek
Push bikes in the street

(Repeat Chorus X 1)

Feet in the water, waiting for a bite
Baby turtles crawling
Down the beach at night
Like the stars and oceans we unite
Friends and family side by side

(Repeat Chorus – hand claps)

(Repeat Chorus X 3)

Reach…..for….a Rainbow

Steve said that after the impacts and stress of COVID lockdowns the school, “needed a way to boost spirits and community pride. Something I recognise as being uniquely strong and special to Rainbow Beach.”

And Josh saw this, too. He said, “Before I even set foot on the sand, fell off a surfboard and caught a glimpse of the spectacular scenery, I got to know the kids and some local parents. It was then I realised what a special place this was.

“In my brief visit I got to know the people who all share a common bond, a passion for their town and the lifestyle it gives them. They share a respect for their surroundings and treasure all the moments, days and weeks spent in this paradise.”

He said they loved sharing it with him and helping him write the song.

Steve agreed, “Watching the students engage in the song writing and filming highlighted again the talents and connection to our local environment and lifestyle. The children have done an amazing job.  This truly is the best place to raise children!”

And what does Steve love about the song? “Everything!” he says, “The joy, the place, the people and the optimism.”

Josh teased, “I could talk about all different spots we visited and all the cool stuff we filmed but you have to listen to and watch Reach for a Rainbow on YouTube and Spotify……it is amazing and I know you will be so proud of the super talented kids that live in your town.

“Thanks for having me Rainbow Beach, you definitely have a special place in my heart and in Small Town Culture history!”

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