Let the games begin!

Teams doing a rotation run as a warm up in the Battle of the Business Challenge

Teams doing a rotation run as a warm up in the Battle of the Business Challenge

The Rainbow Beach Fitness centre launched their Battle of the Business Challenge last month with eight teams of six people over eight weeks vying for the winners title.

The teams include: The RBSC team, The Potentials, International Troublemakers, Rainbow Escape Charters, Hairy Meats, Just Fast Not Furious, Team Awesome, Team Cerberus.

The prize is not to be sniffed at either with the winners each receiving a one-year free gym membership and a two-night stay over on Fraser Island.

The winning team will be judged on the most weight lost and overall group transformation.

Bec Arthur, the Battle organiser and Fitness Club Manager said: “It really exciting to plan it all. I’ve never done anything like this before. I get a lot of ideas from the TV show Survivor and put my own twist on the challenges.”

Once a week the team versus team challenge days are held in a surprise location that is revealed a few days before the event. These days run on a point system where the team with the most points at the end wins a prize.

Bec puts in a cryptic message for the teams to figure where and what they are doing and the winner gets the points.

If you ‘like’ and ‘follow’ the Rainbow Beach Fitness Centre Facebook page you can see what is happening and all are welcome to come along and watch the fun.

Bec said: “The first challenge was a raw egg challenge. Teams had to run down to the water, run around two people in the water and crack a raw egg into the mouth before the next person could run.”

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