Kids Bush to Beach fundraiser on again

In Rainbow Beach we’ve had some good rain, but our droughtrunner, Tony Stewart, shakes his head when he talks about the still desperate situation in our state.

After delivering two more loads of Christmas cheer to farmers in need, he did say the country out to Mitchell has had plenty of rain, and looks in “great heart”.

RBCT have pledged support to help him run another Kids Bush to Beach fundraising night to bring the isolated Isisford, Jundah and Windorah schools to our coast.

As well as a major raffle (first prize a $3000 overseas trip and second prize a 7-night holiday in Rainbow Beach!), look out for collection tins across the coast.

He applauded: Lynsey Rigby, Janice McDermott, Susan and Bob Spencer, Mrs Clarey, Rob Richardson, Marg Turmaine, Jim and Debbie George, Tin Can Bay Fishing Club, Barb Rees, Mitchells at 7th Wave, Bill and Patty Watts, Betty Freeman, Rainbow and TCBay IGAs , Tin Can Bay Bakery, John O’Sullivan, Michelle Perrett, Marilyn Dean and Phil Davey.

“Thank you all for giving people out west a better Christmas. If anyone can assist, contributions can be left with the local IGAs or the Bank of Queensland, Gympie.” (A/C of RainbowBeachDroughtrunners). The next load is scheduled for February.

Tony Stewart, RBDroughtrunners: 0408767930

Megan Groves, Tin Can Bay Lions: 0413681818

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