Kidpreneurs - Mason Bignell (twelve-years-old) and Jimmy Bergin (nine),

Kidpreneurs – Mason Bignell (twelve-years-old) and Jimmy Bergin (nine),

In this melting pot of characters that is the Cooloola Coast, two young men stand out for their entrepreneurial spirit coupled with their legitimate concern for the environment.

Mason Bignell (twelve-years-old) and Jimmy Bergin (nine), are together helping each other to clean up Rainbow while making a few dollars selling the cans and bottles they collect across the region.

Mason is paying off his braces with the money he receives. He said: We want our kids to live in a better environment than us. There is a whole island in the ocean made up of plastic. We haven’t used plastic bags for five years and by starting with a little point, can go from there. I needed braces and so I can pay for them myself by collecting cans.”

Jimmy has his own business cards, shirts and employs his two big brothers. He said: “I have saved thousands of glass and cans from getting into land-fill. I have grown my business from two clients to 23, and my card is at the IGA and the Manta Ray Barge so people call me. A huge thank you to Kroppy who let me put my bins at the Fishing Classic and also Rainbow Recovery – they are all my biggest supporters plus my clients.”

Both boys said one of the most common problems is single use water bottles which make up the biggest percentage of rubbish, followed by Great Northern and Energy Drinks like V.

Well done boys. If you can help them out with some cans or bottles give them a call: Jimbo is on 0467 901125 and Mason is on 0484 020804.

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