Kay-Rona’s lockdown on the lawn

Kay-Rona is "Out" on bin dayScenes of isolation antics are being played out on the front lawn of the Raynes residence on the Esplanade in Tin Can Bay.

Fibreglass funny woman Kay-Rona has given smiles and laughs to those exercising along the foreshore with her ever changing messages.

She first appeared all dressed up in chic attire with ‘nowhere to go’ but soon got tired of waiting and became ‘bored stiff’ requiring a wheelbarrow bed.

People all over the world have been using their isolation time to explore new skills and Kay-Rona has been no different.

Cracking out a needle and thread she’s stitched up a new outfit and found no excuses not to get in shape by dusting off the bike and kayak.

Unfortunately, she was not actually able to get her leg over the bike and while a sturdy grip on the paddle was a breeze, sitting in the kayak was near impossible as flexibility is not a skill that mannequins possess, so Kay-Rona decided to do the Instagram thing and just pose with them!

The rubbish bin challenge has been doing the rounds on social media and Kay-Rona wanted to outdo, however her constant chattering had her upside-down and legside out in the bin, luckily it wasn’t collection day!

Life can get lonely on the lawn alone so Kay-Rona asked her sister Vyress to safely distance some sibling love. Who knows what this pair are going to get up to in the weeks ahead!

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