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Tane Bentley 9 Years age champ

Tane Bentley 9 Years age champ

by Bj Parton, Head Coach

Wide Bay swimming conducted a short course (meaning 25m pool) championship swim meet at our facility last month.

The Rainbow Beach Warriors had seven swimmers entered for this meet and made us very proud with their efforts over the two days.

Max Klekar pushed himself over the weekend by entering 50m in all four strokes. What a great effort! Mason Bignell also swam 50m in all strokes with a huge personal best time in 50m Breaststroke, 14 seconds off his time. He also beat his times in Back and Fly.

Seth Parton took 14 seconds off his time for 50m Fly putting in great effort. Luxie-Leigh Findlater had shown Coach her skills are improving by demonstrating a beautiful Freestyle stroke and improving on her times also.

Kyani Parton earned PBs in all her events, showing her team she’s still got it. Her form is beautiful to watch.

Annalise White swam in ten events over the weekend pushing her limits with a 400 Freestyle, her longest event, doing very well with all her times and improving every swim meet she goes to. You’re a machine, Annie!

Jasmin White took out three records over the weekend in 50 Freestyle, 50 Breast and 100 IM. This is amazing as Jas is heading to Darwin in September to represent State! Keep up the hard work.

I would like to thank all my Aqua Aerobic team for helping over the weekend and also the parents. Without you all this event would not have been successful. You all were run off your feet with food and kiosk duties with a never ending list….you did it! Well done.

Sign On Days:
Saturday, September 10, 9.30am-1pm, ‘mini swim’ meet, bbq and novelty swimming events. Collect nomination forms from the Rainbow Beach Aquatic Centre.

Thursday September 15

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