Join a clean up crew near you

Find a local group, like Peter’s at Inskip campground to help Clean Up Australia around March 7!

Find a local group, like Peter’s at Inskip campground to help Clean Up Australia around March 7!

There are a lot more local groups registered so far for Clean Up Australia Day in 2021 – thanks to all of you and to the folk who clean up as they walk, every day of the year! You can contact these groups and make a difference via:

March 2: ‘Slothmade’ at Inskip Point, Seary’s Creek

Cleaning up the beaches and camping areas around Seary’s Creek, Inskip Point, and Main Beach. Meet at Inskip Point 8am-noon.

March 3 and 5: Tin Can Bay School and foreshore

Year 3/4 and 4/5 classes, their class teachers and parent volunteers will walk to the foreshore and back, collecting rubbish on March 3.  The school clean up, conducted by staff and students is on Friday March 5.

March 6 and 7: Inskip Point

It’s that time of the year again and Peter White asks for your support. Please join his group at Rainbow Beach and help remove rubbish from Inskip Point recreational area on Saturday 6.

The start time is 8.30am, with lunch at 11am, followed by afternoon clean-up for late arrivals and whoever is keen to help. Sunday 8.30-11am, followed by a thank you BBQ.

Peter will be camping from Friday night to Sunday at MV Natone, and thanks everyone for your support over the years. Look out for the signpost and registration desk.

March 7: Rainbow Beach Roadside Clean-up

Cooloola Coastcare invites you to prevent litter ending up in our oceans where marine and coastal animals are impacted. They’ll be scouring the roadsides and beaches in Rainbow Beach and on the access roads to remove as much plastic and rubbish as possible.

We can save turtles who mistakenly eat plastic bags thinking they are jellyfish. We can save native seabirds who get entangled in fishing lines and eat plastics and feed them to their babies accidentally.

We can save fish from slow deaths caused by ingesting plastics, and so many more native animals.Not to mention making the area more beautiful for all the humans as well.

At 7am, Coastcare will have a tent at the swim beach car park and teams will head out to various locations.

March 7: Freshwater Track

The Cooloola 4WD Club, are a local, community-minded group of 4WD enthusiasts based in Gympie.

They will arrive at 8am and clean from the Rainbow Beach Road, through to Double Island Point beach. There will be a BBQ and sausage sizzle at the rest area before the beach.

Meet 8am at the corner of Rainbow Beach Road and turn off to Great Sandy National Park, the Freshwater Track starts at this turnoff, 71.6 km from Gympie.

March 7: Cooloola Cove

Join locals at 7-9.30am at playground tables in the park, 1 Mauretania Ave, Cooloola Cove.

March 12: Rainbow Beach State School

Meet in the school grounds, 8.30-10.30am at 1 Wahrooga St for the annual clean up.

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