Jaguars to converge on Cooloola Coast

DSCN0050Rainbow Beach will hear the purr of cats, Jaguars that is, on Saturday April 30 when the Sunshine Coast region of the Jaguar Drivers’ Club of Queensland (JDCQ) visits town.  Arriving just after 1pm the Club will take in the many sights around town including Carlo Blow, Inskip Point and Bymein Rainforest before departing around 4pm.

It is expected about 10 cars will be on this run, most will be touring cars due to the distance involved but there may be an E type or a vintage XK that may venture this far.  The best place to view the cars will be at the Service Station around 3.30pm where they will assemble to head onto Tin Can Bay.

JDCQ is made up of owners of the famous Jaguar marque,  regardless of whether  the Jag is running or is in a thousand pieces (like the writers 1969 XJ6).  Each area of the state has their own regional committee with Maryborough being home to the Wide Bay register.  Sunshine Coast hold an outing nearly every month and a great time is had by all who attend.

A modern “ X Type” Jaguar touring car at the Jaguar Nationals held in Caloundra April 15 to 18.

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