It’s manta ray season!

Manta ray season is here

Manta ray season is here

by Cheryl Maughan, Wolf Rock Dive

March is always a bit hit-and-miss weather wise and this year has been no different unfortunately. Even though the sun is shining and it doesn’t seem that windy here in Rainbow Beach, it’s when you get to Wolf Rock past the protection of Double Island Point that you experience the full force of the wind.

We have always maintained that safety takes priority over monetary gain so if we don’t think it is safe to cross the bar then we won’t go diving. No matter, after 15 years we are used to this and this is when we take a bit of a holiday ourselves.

This is not to be confused with safely diving Wolf Rock. It does have a bit of a reputation as a more advanced dive site, but as professional divers and owners of the local dive shop we have been diving Wolf Rock for 15 years.

We are skilled divers who have perfected the dive to the point where entry level or inexperienced divers can dive Wolf Rock easily under our supervision. No-one knows how to lead dives at Wolf Rock more safely than us.

As all divers can testify, the world under the ocean is incredible and there is so much to see and experience it is well worth the effort to get out to Wolf Rock.

We are looking forward to a return to better weather, hopefully for Easter which falls in late March this year, but certainly for April and the start of manta ray season!

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