It’s Humpback Time!

Wolf Rock Dive Close encounter

Wolf Rock Dive Close encounter

The Humpback whales are here! The beautiful Rainbow Beach winter months are upon us and now the rain has stopped we have been enjoying some clear and calm days on the ocean.

For the first four days of Humpback whale sightings Wolf Rock Divers were lucky enough to see them on scuba too! Either whilst hanging on the descent line on the way in or on their ascent and swim back to the boat.

The sub adult whales we have been seeing are super curious and circle the boat, even swimming off and doubling back to have another look at the divers. It’s a special experience and one no diver will ever forget.

The Grey Nurse sharks had moved off the rock into deeper water but are now back in the main shark gutter in large numbers with a northerly current bringing some needed warm water and clear 30m vis!

Water temp is now 21 degrees at Wolf Rock- sounds warm, feels cold- but bearable with our 7mm wetsuits and hot soup on board!

As well as Grey Nurse sharks we are also seeing large schools of Eagle rays, Manta rays Leopard sharks and large schools of Big-eyed trevally and barracuda. For more information and bookings please contact Wolf Rock Dive 07 5486 8004.

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