It’s a whale highway!

The word is that migrating whales, big in numbers, are travelling early.

Tyron van Santen from Epic Ocean Adventures said,” It’s a whale highway at the moment. The water is so clear, visibility is the best we’ve seen it!”

Over the last six years of operation Ty can definitely say that there has been a significant increase in whale numbers passing Double Island.

“I remember in the early years, that June and July typically there would be the odd few whales passing by close to shore on our kayak tours. We would often see many humpback whales well out in the distance, in much of a hurry to get north to warmer waters.”

This seems to be changing, Ty has noticed, with an incredible number passing by close to shore in the last month alone.

“You only have to pick up the paper to see the large increase in encounters along the east coast.

“We are so blessed to be able to paddle around this spectacular National Park location and from time to time see them in their own habitat. We are certainly looking forward to the coming months and spectacular Double Island adventures.”

Ty says there are a lot of great things happening with tour operators at the moment – with some spectacular images on social media – like from Wolf Rock Dive.

“The last few years we’ve been away for a month, but we can’t this year – there’s too much going on! It is not an overly terrible problem to have,” Ty smiles.

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