It is shark mating season here at Wolf Rock

Bull rays aren’t the only marine life you’ll find this month at Wolf Rock Dive

Bull rays aren’t the only marine life you’ll find this month at Wolf Rock Dive

Our grey nurse sharks are heading off the Rock to mate, the male sharks will then leave and our (hopefully) pregnant females will remain in the warm water for the rest of the summer.

It’s very rare to catch mating in progress, it normally happens at night. We will be looking for tell-tale signs such as superficial bite marks on both female and male sharks, which occur during mating.

It is equally rare to see newborn shark pups. Wolf Rock Dive’s normal sightings are of full grown grey nurses who are around 2.5-3m long. During pregnancy the most developed shark embryo will feed on the other embryos in the womb and once birthed the young shark will head off on its own into the deep sea.

The summer currents on Wolf Rock are excellent conditions for a multitude of shark and ray species, leopard sharks, wobbegong, shovelnose rays, mantas, eagle rays, blotched fantail rays, to name a few.

Our special visitor this month was a Mola mola. Also named ‘Sun fish’ this large silver disc-shaped fish has long dorsal and pectoral fins, that clumsily wave from side to side. making it look like someone has squashed it!

The Mola mola is a deep sea fish but comes to the surface to warm up in the sun, the largest reach 4.3m vertically and up to 3m horizontally. Ours was around 1.5m vertically, unfortunately we missed it on camera this time!

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