Inskip Peninsula Master Plan: Draft Options

Image taken by Mark Poulter RB Skydive

Image taken by Mark Poulter RB Skydive

Submission from Rainbow Beach Progress Assoc. Inc. 7th May 2014

Pursuant to a public meeting held in Rainbow Beach on 6th May where we held discussions on the framework required to promote tourism opportunities within and adjacent to the master plan area.

It should be noted that we generally supported Gympie Regional Council’s Plan which keeps the “Footprint” of Rainbow Beach within the existing parameters, with no extensions north of Rainbow Shores 1.

The outcome of our discussions are;

Providing for Tourism development –

  • We request that the ‘Mill Site’ be developed, preferably after remediation, as a tourism precinct – by way of lease or sale to relevant parties (ie holiday accommodation) – as this area is an outstanding location and as such holds a high monetary value.
  • Camping areas- we request that the area available for camping be substantially increased (including Bullock Pt) to ease pressure and allow a system of rotating remediation, ensuring environmental integrity

Improving Public Access to the Coastal Foreshores –

  • We request that access is improved by the sealing of Counter Road, thus joining the bitumen from Noosa so that it connects onwards to Maryborough. This inner coastal network keeps holiday traffic off the highway and provides direct alternative access to our tourism area.
  • Removal of Beach Driving Fees, which have heavily impacted our Tourism, particularly on weekend trade.

Consolidating Development –

We support the development of residential areas being;

  • The south precinct of Rainbow Beach (Bombala Ave),
  • The extension of Cypress Avenue; (including remediated area on Gov. Plan 1 as golf course/parkland) and,
  • Carlo Point Marina; including the residential land adjacent (where some subdivision has approval). This would support median price development and encourage a more permanent population to become established.
  • It is also noted that a large area of Rainbow Shores 1 northern end still remains undeveloped under the current lease. We would ask that the land south of the township become available sooner to support more affordable housing and a sense of permanency.

Future Facilities –

  • We request that a large parcel of land be set aside for community services/facilities for future use ie sports, education, expanded industrial, police ambulance etc. Council has identified this area as being Carlo Road precinct, where water from new sewerage treatment plant can be piped, and we support this proposal.
  • We request that an audit of departmentally (government) owned land, [which includes at least six different stakeholders] with a view to integration and consolidation into current planning.


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