If it’s flooded forget it

Local Disaster Management Support GroupQuestion – Do you know the hazards that can affect your community?

Answer – bush fire, cyclones, severe storms, storm surges, heatwaves, flood, pandemics – and what about the manmade hazards – marine oil spills, severe road crash, terrorism.

Can our emergency services always get to you in an emergency?

Answer – during disasters there will be a delay before outside help arrives. This can be due to our location or due to the number of residents that have been affected.

As a community, we need to take ownership, know our roles and responsibilities for not only ourselves, but also for our family, friends, neighbours and having community awareness. YOUR SAFETY IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

It’s about getting ready and being prepared.

Self help and the prepared community – in upcoming editions our group will be supplying information on how to be a prepared community and will also have displays at markets.

Would you like to know more? Our next meeting is on Tuesday March 3 in the Cooloola Cove Veterans and Community Hall Starting 9.30am or contact Terry Steele on 0439862264.