Humpbacks will be here soon….

Leopard shark  Image Adrian Fields

Leopard shark Image Adrian Fields

by Cheryl Maughan, Wolf Rock Dive Report

Many highlights over the past month make it difficult to include them all but manta rays have definitely been the stand out. We have been seeing loads of the wonderful creatures on just about every dive.

The sharks are still here but have been a bit hit-and-miss with some dives where we saw up to 30 and 40 girls; with others where we saw none.

A giant mottled eagle ray was a big welcome surprise for Kev down at 30 metres distracting him from his task of checking our mooring.  We have only seen these rays at Wolf Rock a handful of times over 15 years and to date have not been able to get a photo. We live in hope!

Other highlights have been the loads of schooling fish, turtles, sea snakes, morays, eagle rays, nudibranchs and giant Queensland gropers.

Now we look forward to humpback whale season and anticipate we will be seeing the first of them coming through soon. Can’t wait!

Water temperature is still quite warm at 23 – 24 degrees.

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