Historical Cooloola: Mary Ann

by Marion Young

Pettigrew’s Letter to Governer of Qld. Copied as written:

His Excellency
The most Honorable
Marquise of Normandy,
Governor of Queensland.
Dundathu Saw Mills
Maryborough 5th Aug;
May it please your Excellency.

Enclosed please recieve copy photograph of the first Locomotive Engine built in Queensland. It is now at work preparing it’s line of railway from Thannae to Tin Can Bay.

On side of framing is seen a pulley. This is for driving a circular saw bench for cutting up the sleepers. The bench is mounted on two trucks, and is taken along the line as required. Two miles are already laid, and when the third mile is laid which we calculate will be done about end of this month, then we will commence and bring down Dundathu pine logs by it. The country is barren sandy ground, and the line selected is over pretty even ground, requiring no cutting or banking at least so far as yet made. Steepest gradients about 1 in 18. Gauge 3ft3ins;   Rails are of spotted gum 4″x3″. The cross sleepers are of cyprus pine 7″x 4,1/2″ and are notched to receive the rails, and are fastened together by wedges, as will be seen by Photograph. The ends of the rails require to be bolted or pegged to sleepers, but has not as yet been done. We estimate that the engine will be able to bring 400cubic feet of Dundathu pine logs at a trip and at a speed of from 6 to 8 miles per hour.

The two miles already laid has cost about £200 per mile. The engine was made by Messrs John Walker & Co; and cost us about £600.

We are with every respect

Yours very truly.

W Pettigrew & Co;

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