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Has your house been built yet? Marilyn Stone's image from 1982 is only one of many submitted to the new Rainbow Beach history project

Has your house been built yet? Marilyn Stone’s image from 1982 is only one of many submitted to the new Rainbow Beach history project

Margaret Grant 

After visiting many historical museums while on our recent holiday in western and northern Queensland, I wanted to volunteer my time to put together a history of our community.

There are many books written about the history of our community so I wanted to do something different. I believe that a picture speaks a thousand words, so I wanted to create a photographic history of Rainbow Beach.

I presented my project to the Community Information and Resource Service (CIRS) committee for approval to work under their umbrella.

They were excited that someone was eager to help them realise their plans to have a pictorial display in the foyer of our community hall. So, here I am writing an article asking for your help to collate this photographic history.

Our community is a relatively young community. Rainbow Beach was gazetted as a town by the Queensland Government in 1969. But we have a much longer history with the timber and sand mining industries, as well as the lighthouse keepers – and a long history of holidaymakers coming to our area.

I have contacted many organisations for their official photos. So what I’m asking for is permission to add your personal photos of early Rainbow Beach or community or historical events.

I don’t want to keep your precious memories. What I had in mind is to scan them and store them digitally.

Then, at a future date, we can print the photos to create a display for the foyer of our hall. For that, the CIRS has been extremely helpful by creating a folder where I can store all photos.

You can either bring your photos to the Community Centre to be scanned or you can email them to me at

It would be greatly appreciated if you could send the photos in a high resolution of 1MB or more. If you need help with these, please email me and I will talk you through the process.

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