Heart Foundation Walkers

Heart Foundation Walkers on a recent walk along the foreshore towards Crab Creek

Heart Foundation Walkers on a recent walk along the foreshore towards Crab Creek


  • Nearly ninety people participated in the International Women’s Day Twilight Walk along our beautiful Tin Can Bay foreshore, including most of the Heart Foundation Walking group. We expect to do it again on 8 March 2022.
  • Great to have the Queensland HFW Project Manager, Emily Guinane, join us for coffee before the Cooloola Coast Volunteers Expo in May 2021 and manning our stall decked with the red Heart Foundation tablecloth, giveaways, pamphlets, and Emily’s enthusiastic vitality.
  • Thirty-three walkers and a dozen dogs celebrated our fourth birthday, with two founding members cutting the decorated cake at the bakery.
  • Formation of a new group, the Cooloola Cove Wheelie Walkers. Both Judy Kiddle (phone: 5486 2181) and Barbara McKenzie live in Cooloola Cove, use their walkers/rollators, and are Walk Organisers.
  • Cooloola Coast Seniors Month Expo brought Emily Guinane back in October, enthusing more people to walk/roll to better physical and mental health, while having fun socialising.

One Step at a Time in Tin Can Bay: Wednesdays and Sundays – two start times, 6am led by Denise McKean and Kate Gregory; and 6.30am led by Maggie T and Kristine Pack during summer.

Half an hour later during spring and autumn, and another half hour later in winter. Sometimes within these two groups, several people, accompanied by a Walk Organiser, will walk in a different direction, or take a shorter route.

Cooloola Cove Wheelie Walkers meet Mondays and Fridays at 8am at the Cooloola Cove Shopping Centre Bus Shelter on Nautilus Drive.

Queries: Maggie Travers 0400 756 615.

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