Have your say on a container refund scheme for Queensland

Queensland plans the introduction of a container refund scheme on July 1, 2018, aimed at getting empty drink cans and bottles off our beaches, parks and public areas. Industry and the public are invited to have a say on how the scheme will run.

Environment Minister, Dr Steven Miles, released a discussion paper at www.ehp.qld.gov.au and invited comments until 20 March 2017.

“By introducing a 10 cent refund for every eligible drink container, we can decrease litter and waste, reduce the risk to wildlife, increase recycling, create employment opportunities and raise money for charitable causes – or let the kids raise pocket money.

“Queensland’s recycling rate sits at about 44 percent, one of the country’s lowest. Queensland is consistently the most littered mainland state. Visually, drink cans and bottles dominate our litter stream.

“A 2015 NewsPoll showed 86 per cent of Queenslanders wanted a container refund scheme.”

Dr Miles said most drink containers between 150ml and three litres would be eligible for a refund under the scheme, with containers to be clearly marked. Some drink containers would be exempt, such as containers for plain milk and milk substitutes, while flavoured milk, water, pure juice and wine containers over a specified volume or made of certain materials would not be included in the scheme.

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