Have you signed the road petition?

Tony Stewart

All residents would by now be aware of the petition for a safer road from Gympie to Rainbow Beach and Tin Can Bay. The cut off date is September 30, so this will be the final reminder to help make everyone aware of the petition and to request their support.

The petition results will be tabled in Parliament by our local Member Tony Perrett in early October.

Mr Perrett is pleased and amazed with the results so far with approximately 7000 signatures, and if it can get to 10,000 participants the Minister for Transport will certainly be under some pressure to act.

If anyone can spare a couple of hours to help with getting signatures, Tony Stewart will give you any help and training to talk to people coming to this popular area.

Tony would like to thank those that have been getting signatures on the clipboards – Tony Stewart: 0408767930.

Sign the E-Petition here.

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