Greg is back in the pool!

Keiran Southern, Wyatt Lee, Jamie Southern, Charli McKinley and Boston Lee are glad to have their Coach Greg Rogers back!

Keiran Southern, Wyatt Lee, Jamie Southern, Charli McKinley and Boston Lee are glad to have their Coach Greg Rogers back!

Ousted Pool Manager, Greg Rogers, is now contracted by the Royal Lifesaving Association to manage the Tin Can Bay Pool.

This was a welcome decision, after the disappointment of last month’s rejection of his pool tender by council.

Greg is glad to be back with the kids and said, “It’s been a tumultuous time…. the community have had a voice and expressed their opinion.”

Social media was buzzing with support for the Olympic Champion-turned coach, and angry over lack of community consultation, with comments like these:

Sarah Booth I’ve heard so many people were happy with last season’s contractor here in Tin Can Bay. It’s a shame and a loss to our community to lose such a talented and passionate person from the pool.

Carly Barber Greg and Margaret were great. This is very disappointing news.

Glenda Mick I’m so disappointed in this decision. Greg was such a great asset for this area. What about the kids in all this decision! They are the ones affected. What happens now?

Cameron Henderson Council may be right in saying that swim clubs can employ whom they like as coaches. The problem is that high quality coaches are not available in abundance in small towns such as Tin Can Bay. Council must consider its constituents and how they are affected by these decisions. With this decision it is the youth of the Cooloola Coast that have become the losers in this decision.

Stacey Barker I find it interesting that Council state the pool is a community facility, fairly sure our swimming club is also a very important community facility to many people, Council should be supportive of these community organisations that provide activities and interest for our town not hindering them. Our many clubs including the swimming club are not profit making enterprises, they are community facilities where many people work tirelessly to keep them functioning for the benefit of this community so people have something to do.

President Kev Reibel said, “The outcome is we’ve got what we wanted, we’ve got our coach back. I only see positive things for the Cooloola Coast Crocs for the 2015/2016 season.

“Personally, I thank everyone who wrote letters of support and signed the petition.”

“Business in confidence” was cited why Council did not reveal reasons Greg was not contracted.

The Royal Lifesaving Association tender has been awarded for one year. Let’s hope the process is more successful in 2016, and perhaps like the waste contracts, are extended to help give coaches like Greg more job security, and rural townships more certainty for swim clubs.

Another way to help keep our swim clubs alive and keep our wonderful coaches on the coast is to join them in the pool! Squad, Club Nights and learn to swim are back on this month – contact Greg for details on 0416 406 832 and Bj Parton at the Rainbow Beach Aquatic Centre on 54863191.

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