Great diving conditions at Wolf Rock

Leopard sharks sightings have increased

Leopard sharks sightings have increased

We’ve had lots of wind but great diving conditions when we have ventured out to Wolf Rock this month, with our first manta ray sighting of the year this week.

Large numbers of grey nurse sharks continue to congregate and have moved into the shallower water, we’ve seen up to 30 sharks all week. The water visibility has been approximately 15m and a balmy 26 degrees.

We have seen an increase in leopard sharks recently, the normally bottom-dwelling sharks have been free swimming amongst the grey nurses, which is a pretty special sight.

During the day, grey nurse sharks are resting and seem in a trance-like state as they circle in slow rhythmical patterns. These sharks need to constantly move to keep water running through their gills which allows them to breathe. They are at their most active and hunting at night, so during the day when we visit them they are essentially sleeping.

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