Graduations 2020

Never since World War II has schooling been so disrupted, with young men and women having to navigate their senior years with so many restrictions.

They and their families have risen to the challenge and we would like to introduce you to five of our local 2020 graduates.

Congratulations to everyone who put in the effort to graduate, and also to our university graduates who also finish this month to little applause due to Covid restrictions.

Graduation - Nikki Reibel

Nikki Reibel

Nikki Reibel, Graduated St Patrick’s College

“Since I was a little girl I’ve dreamt of graduating school and travelling somewhere overseas to study abroad. Now, with my life starting and appreciating my education at St Patrick’s College I’m eager to continue my study within Australia and one day live overseas.

“I plan to study at either QUT Brisbane or USC Sunshine Coast for a Bachelor of Biomedical Science or a Bachelor of Science. I am eager to begin this new journey of my life and for all the new milestones to occur. I know that with the support of my family and friends that I will overcome any challenges or obstacles I may face.”

Graduation - Keely Falconer

Keely Falconer

Keely Falconer, graduated from St Patrick’s College

“I’m happy to have finally finished Year 12 and can’t wait to start working and earning money. I’ll either be working for my Auntie Shane at Creme de la Creme and 13th Beach Surf, or pursuing an assistant job at an accounting firm.

In a few years I’ll hopefully be travelling overseas to Europe and have a good job so I can save up money.

I want to thank my family for always being there for me.

Graduation - Kaleb Crowe - Photo credit Capturing H Photography

Kaleb Crowe – Photo credit Capturing H Photography

Kaleb Crowe Formal – graduated from St Patrick’s College

“As a 2020 graduate this year has definitely seen us complete grade 12 differently. During the lockdown, I was able to carry on with my subjects by completing online classes, causing minimal disruption.

There were a lot of restrictions put in place, resulting in our formal being very different from other years. We still had a good night and we’re grateful that it could still go ahead with other states having to cancel theirs.

With the announcement of Schoolies activities cancelled on the Gold Coast for 2020, we made the decision to cancel our plans and head north to Airlie Beach for the week. I’m extremely grateful to be offered an electrical apprenticeship with local Heath Mick from HM Coastal Electrical, which I’ll be starting in 2021.

Graduation - Sam Adams - daughter of Jess McKenzie

Sam Adams – daughter of Jess McKenzie

Sam Adams – graduated from Aldridge High, Maryborough. (Mum is Jess McKenzie, Rainbow Beach Wedding Photographer)

I’m a little bit of a tomboy so I was very excited to go to the formal. I was just so happy to get really dressed up for the first time in my life. With the dress, hair and makeup.

I’m so happy to be finished with school but a bit unsure on what to do next.

In the future I would like to get an apprenticeship as a diesel mechanic, or a fitter and turner, but for now I will keep working at my job and hopefully the right opportunity comes up soon. (Anyone with an apprenticeship in the Wide Bay please contact Mum, Jess McKenzie!)

I found Covid harder than just being at school. The internet was a problem and my brothers interrupting me while working on Skype meetings. I also found staying in a routine hard, I would have rather been at school.

Graduation - Kjyelt Varley

Kjyelt Varley

Kjyelt Varley – graduated from St Patrick’s College, Gympie

I am very excited about leaving school and starting the next journey. I am hoping to obtain an electrical apprenticeship.

Covid impacted a lot of final year experiences not only with graduation but also daily schooling events like sports carnival, sporting competitions, etc.

I feel like we definitely missed out on a lot, however a lot of positives also came, like having extra time off for study and family time with less travel.

Good Luck everyone!

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