Going digital saves businesses money and time

Lindy Orwin has just been selected as an Advance Queensland Community Digital Champion after being nominated by the Gympie Regional Council.

Through the Advance Queensland GoDigitalQld program, the Queensland Government is encouraging the use of digital technologies by government agencies, business and individuals, to create business opportunities, promote economic growth and improve the lives and lifestyles of Queenslanders.

Lindy explained her aims to the Community News: “My goal is to improve access for rural, regional and remote communities through raising awareness of teleworking opportunities and improving the digital skills of community groups in our region.

“People can also collaborate virtually as opposed to having to travel long distances to attend meetings or work.

“This should save businesses money and time and open up opportunities for collaboration globally. It can also allow people who are less mobile to actively participate in community groups and organisations.

“We could attract a whole lot of new residents and businesses as well as provide jobs for those who want to live in paradise and work globally.”

Over the next six months Lindy will be hosting public information workshops in the Gympie region and supporting community groups including Cooloola CoastCare and the Gympie Regional STEM Hub.

The first Digital Skills for all Queenslanders roadshows will be held in Bundaberg June 20 and 21.

Visit:  http://godigitalqld.dsiti.qld.gov.au/Digital-Skills-Roadshow

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