Get your PPE gear from Rainbow Beach Safety Supplies

Marie Gee and her daughter Renee owners of Rainbow Beach Safety Supplies

Another business we would like to welcome is Rainbow Beach Safety Supplies, which moved to Rainbow Beach during Covid and is owned by Marie Gee and her daughter Renee.

After being here for eight months Marie says: “It’s like being in heaven. The best place on earth. It’s like paradise here. I wish we moved here a long time ago. The locals are lovely and everyone says hello and makes you feel welcome.

“In 1978 my husband’s father had land here when it was mostly just land and Paul has watched it grow over the decades and used to speak highly of Rainbow Beach, so when we were due to semi-retire this was our first choice.

“Rainbow Beach Safety Supplies is committed to supplying our customers with a wide range of industrial safety products to ensure safety within the work environment.

“As a personal protective equipment (PPE) specialist with 16 years of product knowledge, we provide appropriate information and the correct PPE for each contractor at all times.

“Our best sellers are our comprehensive first aid kits with snake and spider kits, through to first responder first aid kits, face masks/ PAPR kits, Nitrile gloves, industrial gloves, chemical gloves, welders and riggers gloves.”

All products are listed on their website and all products are brand new and packed on demand by their suppliers, so they arrive freshly packed and ready to be delivered to customers within approximately a week or so.

Marie said all their PPE’s meet the Australian Safety Standards in regards to Work Health and Safety at all times

They provide free personalised delivery to all customers in the local area. For further information go to

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