Get set for Prep

Pre Prep begins again from October 18 at Rainbow Beach Playgroup

Pre Prep begins again from October 18 at Rainbow Beach Playgroup

The last term of the year is when playgroup prepares pre preps for school! Pre prep Orientation Morning begins at 8.30am on Thursday, October 18.

The Rainbow Beach playgroup are a friendly group of littlies, mother’s, father’s, grandparents and teachers who welcome everyone to play, laugh, read and sing.

In your child’s early years, playgroup is an ideal introduction to learning through play and it’s a great opportunity for you to meet other parents, socialise and make friends with like-minded people.

Sarah Brantz, Playgroup Coordinator said, “We meet every week, it’s such a great opportunity to debrief and download with others.”

“After catching up over a cuppa while the kids play, we realise we are all in the same boat – we are all going through the same experiences and it’s great to be able to share this and relate to each other.”

“And the kids love it! It’s hugely beneficial for pre-preps who will be starting school next year,” she said.

Playgroup provides a relaxed introduction to the school, allowing the children to feel comfortable and familiar with the environment.

Rainbow Beach playgroup meet every Thursday at 8.30am the Rainbow Beach State School Library. For more information, call the school office on 5486 9333.

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