Flashing school zone signs for Tin Can Bay State School

Girls with a purpose: Paris Delroy, Georgia Bogodoohoff, and Decemie Gabales with teacher, Robyn Cottrell

Girls with a purpose: Paris Delroy, Georgia Bogodoohoff, and Decemie Gabales with teacher, Robyn Cottrell

The Minister for Main Roads has advised there will be new signage on Tin Can Bay Road. This will improve visibility of the school and actively remind motorists to slow down for children.

Tin Can Bay State School received a couple of great pieces of news – our recent financial audit came back with the highest rating of Effective, and Investing for success funding for the school of $255,796 will be granted in 2016.

This funding will continue improvements in Literacy, Reading and Student Engagement that have been the focus of much of this year.

Canteen news

Our school canteen continues to provide a delicious variety of school snacks and lunches every Tuesday and Wednesday. Like every Queensland state school canteen, ours must comply with strict Healthy Choices guidelines.

Canteen staff have worked very hard to provide tasty options for students, please support it so that it can keep improving and expanding on the options available.

End of year awards for P-3

This year our Year 3 students will join in the celebration of achievements at our Annual Yr3-10 Awards Night held on Tuesday, November 24.

Our P-2 students will have their achievements and efforts recognised by Principal Awards during class parties held in week 10. There will be no P-3/Junior Awards Ceremony this year.

Girls with a Purpose

Grade 9/10 girls are currently taking part in the ‘Girls With a Purpose’ program which seeks to improve the students’ self esteem and confidence, body image and relationships, and encourage healthy communication.

The program is being run by senior school staff Dorothy Hogan and Robyn Cottrell, with support from Chappy Ronnie. They hope to inspire the girls to see themselves as valuable, powerful and beautiful young women.

Each week the girls have the opportunity to write in their grateful diary and support others in the group through encouraging notes.

Highlights of the program have been a visit from Michelle Gilmore, the editor of the Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News, who came along to talk to the girls about the importance of good nutrition, and a team-building afternoon with the Cooloola Dragon Boat Club.

The program will finish with a celebration lunch where the girls will have the chance to dress up and enjoy each other’s company.


Grade 9/10 boys are currently working through the ‘Betterman’ Program which is built on open and honest discussions about the issues young men face, giving them a safe space to start the conversations that are often tricky to have.

Participants are encouraged to work out assertive and positive responses to realistic situations. The boys discover tools they can use in their everyday lives and for when bigger challenges hit.

They take an in-depth look at the consequences of risk-taking behaviour and learn strategies to help in making positive life choices.

The program has been run by Paul Binger, a school nurse working in the Gympie area and DJ Hooklyn, Grade 6 teacher.

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