Families ruled Memorial Surf Comp

Competition was strong, but it seems good surfing is hereditary or perhaps the youngsters just receive lots of practice?

Regardless of the reason, awards demonstrated children following footsteps of their parents, mirroring the top results of their mum or dad.

Organiser BJ Parton enthused, “What an awesome weekend the Boardriders had! Our annual Memorial Surf Comp was a great event! With our first place winner in Opens Smiley Mick and JR Boys first place to his son Rory, it was an exciting time for the families.”

The results show it – even the warring between older and younger generations of siblings:

Opens 2nd Simon Mahony 3rd Jake Parton (son Seth 3rd JR boys)

Ladies 1st BJ Parton (daughter Kyani 1st JR girls), 2nd Julie Croker, 3rd Sue Walsh
Cadets 1st Ryan Cozens, 2nd Jeremy Lawton, 3rd Eric Lawton
Old Farts 1st Peter Croker, 2nd Butch Barret, 3rd Alister Taylor
Masters 1st Rob Snape (son Billy Bob 2nd in JR Boys), 2nd Luke Butt, 3rd Mick Dreger

Junior Girls 2nd Arwen Van De Vorst, 3rd Lilly Van De Vorst
Highest Wave score went to Smiley Mick with best wipe out going to Josh Mick and finally Encouragement award went to Terry Vandirschot.

BJ said a big thank you to Rainbow Beach Butcher (“What great job with the Spit!”), 7th  wave, Rainbow Beach Bakery, 13th Beach, Rainbow Beach Holiday village, Joel Beck, Rainbow Beach Surf School, Sports and Recreation Club, Foodworks, Rainbow Beach Massage, Spectral Screenprinting, Cooloola Hire and everyone who helped out.

“The biggest thank you goes to the National Parks for letting us use the camp area every year! So please drop in to these places and say a big thank you and help support them as they have us.”

Images courtesy of Cassie Mick

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