Even dolphins feel the cold

With the cold mornings during July, we were pleasantly surprised with the number of visitors at the Dolphin Centre. Not all visitors though were interested in getting in the water and decided to stay dry and watch the proceedings.

Some days the dolphins were late and we think that they were waiting for the sun to get warmer before turning up.

The young calves are venturing further away from their mothers on some days, I guess getting a little more independent. This action slowed down the feeding process of both mothers as they would take off to check on their calves.

We are glad that local residents are taking up the opportunity to come along with their relatives and visitors. Remember locals do not pay admission into the Centre, but of course will have to pay for feeding. We have a good stock of silver biddies at the moment which is great. We certainly do have some lean times with the biddies as they are seasonal.

See you there

Norma Sanderson Volunteer

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