Emotional Resilience with Flower Essences

Naturals Flower EssenceFlower essences are vibrational medicine designed to realign your soul to your original state.

Whenever we experience a negative emotion or stressful event we create a negative vibration in our energy field. It is possible to help your body release this energy and transform it into a positive vibration, by matching the right flowers for the issue.

Flower essences are completely safe, are suitable for children and elderly and can be used with any medications.

Rainbow Naturals has developed a range of different flower essences, mostly Australian Bush flowers, to assist you with the most common issues.

We also provide a service where we can create personal customised flower essences combinations for you after a small consultation either in person or online.

The Busy Bee formula is one of our most popular combinations. It is designed to settle busy minds and break down the pattern of continual worrying and  overthinking.  It can assist you in making decisions and clearing the feeling of being overwhelmed .

Busy bee can be taken during the day to be more effective in your work to achieve more without extra stress and we also found it to be very useful for helping you sleep whenever there is trouble switching off an overactive mind. It can be taken prior to bedtime and anytime that you might wake up in the middle of night and can’t switch off.

Rainbow Naturals flower essences can be purchased from the monthly markets and online from our website: rainbownaturals.com.au

Rainbow Naturals Clinic is open every Wednesday by appointment only at the Rainbow Beach Resource Centre – to book please call 0473408359

LOVE and LIGHT xox Roberta

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