Easter Fishing Report

Last weekend saw a return to better weather conditions for heading offshore.

On Sunday a lot of boats dusted off the cobwebs and ventured offshore.

Conditions were perfect with only a slight breeze which helped cool us down.

The reef fish were hungry even though the water is still very discoloured in the Bay.

Snappery Squire were plentiful and we returned with a full bag. At times Sharks moved in so

we moved, found another reef and did the same again. Most Fish were probably caught on the drift as conditions were perfect.

Other species brought home included, Pearl Perch, Parrot, Grassy Sweetlip, Moses Perch, School Mackerel, and Gold Spot Cod.

The next day didn’t produce as many fish. We had to work a lot harder as the Sharks gave us curry. A couple of bins was still a reasonable catch mainly made up of Squire & Frying Pan Snapper. Other species landed were Sweetlip, Pearl and Moses Perch, Parrot and School Mackerel.

The winds offshore picked up on Monday night but by today (Friday)it should be perfect again to allow us offshore once again. For those wanting a trip over Easter Holidays it would pay to book early as predictions are for the wind to pick up from Monday next week. Over the next few weeks we will not be doing many trips as I hope to get away for a short break.

We will have someone running the business during that time.

Well we wish everyone a happy & safe Easter break.

Tony Stewart

Rainbow Beach Fishing Charters



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