DroughtRunners Report January 2023

Over the last month we have continued to send help to flood victims in Mullumbimby and Gympie.

We have sent $2000 to each organisation. To do this we raised $5000 picking and selling avocados, as well as raising a lot of funds through bottle and can donations.

On 9 December 2022 Mullumbimby Relief Centre workers put on a BBQ and a special activity day for 24 families who had been isolated since February due to flooding and landslides, and had been receiving helicopter drops of food and essentials. You don’t see that in the national papers.

We must thank Followmont Transport for taking six large boxes of toys and presents donated to the DroughtRunners from Tin Can Bay QCWA, Bev Yeoman and  Bill Neil as that was a free delivery – thank you.

A BIG thank you to the Rainbow Beach Sports Club that have donated to us the profits from the Friday night raffles to help the flood victims.

To Wayne Kerle many thanks again for picking up our bottle and can collections, and to Bay Auto who allow Wayne to sort there, and to all that donate to our bins at 10 Tingira Close thank you.

The Connor family –  many thanks for your wonderful donation, Gavin Freeman and Lexie Hanson thank you for the visa cards, Tin Can Bay Bakery and all other collection tin holders many thanks.

Finally to all that bought our avocados –  Rainbow Beach and Tin Can Bay IGA, Rainbow Beach Fruit & Veg, Cooloola Berries, Gingers, Graeme Engemann, Ruth Modin and The Decks,

Little Parliament, Goomboorian Travel Stop, Salt & Pepper, John O’Sullivan (Corbetts), Rainbow Beach Pies & Cakes, Tin Can Bay Fruit & Veg, Drakes, Rainbow Beach Shell Café, Tin Can Bay Holiday Park. We hope you enjoyed them – thank you all.

Thank you all that have helped in 2022, hope you have had a safe and happy Christmas and wishing you hopefully a prosperous 2023.

Tony Stewart

Editors little note:

Did anyone notice that some naughty elves messed up last month’s report and accidentally published December 2021’s update? So very sorry about that, Tony! We just wanted to check if anyone was paying attention…

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