Drought runners continues and Bush to Beach Kids arrive!

Bush to Beach Kids will be back on the coast the week before the holidays - make sure you say hello!

Bush to Beach Kids will be back on the coast the week before the holidays – make sure you say hello!

This month our coast welcomes Bush to Beach Kids on September 17, organised by Tony Stewart and helpers. He has a week, chocka-block full of fun for them – including an ocean swim! There’s a Bush to Beach Sponsor Thank You night – 5.30pm, Thursday September 20 at the Community Hall. All food supplied, bar will be open. Tony encourages everyone who has helped the kids get to the beach, to come along.

Tony Stewart, Rainbow Beach Droughtrunners

Fresh from another trip to the Longreach area with food supplies, the situation in South Western Queensland gets worse by the day.

It took the NSW Government to stir the Federal and Queensland Governments from hibernation to try to help those suffering immense hardship on their properties. You wouldn’t believe some of the things I have heard in confidence from those trying to help those suffering serious depression.

One farmer said to me, “Those mental health workers are doing nothing for me because help has come two years too late.”

It is a fact, stress is bringing on the big C in cases and I have heard of both partners suffering!

Our Queensland Government gives $1 million to farmers and $4 million to employ more Mental Health workers, it’s a joke. For a $12,000 federal handout, farmers need to fill out 80 pages to receive $6,000 in October and an additional $6,000 next March – if you qualify. I won’t start on politics as many from the bush will know what I mean.

To those that have helped with donations to keep food on the table for destitute families, a BIG thank you. To see the anguish and despair on the faces of some farmers faces picking up food when it was delivered, really hit home.

Thank you Mooloo Mountain Produce and Saddlery, Gympie Hay Runners, Drakes Gympie, Tin Can Bay IGA, Ed’s Beach Bakery, Tin Can Bay Bakery and Gympie Regional Realty, Tin Can Bay Craft Group (and their wonderful donation of $1000), Bernard Petroleum, Tin Can Bay and Gympie CWA’s, Bev, Betty and all the others!

The Bank of Queensland in Mary Street Gympie are accepting donations for  Rainbow Beach Drought runners. BSB 124047. A/C 22599186.

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