Drought Report.. Jan 2020

Another month gone and still no break in the weather across NSW and western Queensland.

Sporadic storms have been bobbing up, but talking to property owners with 50 to 100,000 acres who have three to four rain gauges. One may have 50 mm and the rest zero.

Last month we sent two big loads with 65 food hampers and Christmas presents for families and $3000 of hams donated by Woolworths Emerald into the School of Distant Education at Longreach.

We also delivered 55 family food hampers with presents into Morven and Mitchell for farming families.

The few stock I saw on this trip were in very ordinary condition and only two live kangaroos were sited in 700kms.

If there was a green drought pick beside the road there was roadkill in those places.

Another load of hampers, water, presents and hay went to west of Gin Gin.

There are so many people to thank for donations it would take up so much space here but they are all mentioned in the Rainbow Beach Droughtrunners Facebook page.

Thankyou to everyone who baked Christmas cakes and I think we ended up with about 120 fruit mince pies that I helped do at the Tin Can Bay Bakery with Arthur; very much appreciated.

Well, it is now time for a month’s recess but please keep donating to our trolleys in Tin Bay, Drakes in Gympie and IGA Rainbow Beach, as well as our collection tins in Tin Can Bay and Rainbow Beach.

The Bank of Qld in Mary Street, Gympie are also accepting donations: BSB 124047, A/C 22599186.

Tony Stewart,  0408 767 930. Rainbow Beach Drought Runners.

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