Dolphins popular during holidays

By Norma Sanderson

During the school holidays we had many visitors to the Dolphin Centre, it was great to see so many families introducing their young children to our natural world, as nothing can beat getting out and enjoying the outdoors.

We love showcasing our dolphins and birdlife to the public and we really get some interesting questions from the children who visit.

Our usual small black cormorants haven’t been quite so pesky while we had big crowds, thank goodness. Our visitors seem to get a kick out of the flurry when a cormorant dives and steals a fish.

Unfortunately we found a dead pied cormorant in the water near the Dolphin Centre last week. We hope it’s death was from natural causes and not a vicious attack from humans. Fishermen may curse these birds if they interrupt their fishing but it is their home and we are the interlopers.

Remember to reduce your plastics and discarded fishing line and hooks as we are still finding plastic bait packets and bottles in Snapper Creek.

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