Dolphin volunteers ‘watching their back’

by Norma Sanderson, Volunteer

What a busy month we have had. Thank goodness the dolphins have been regular visitors. We are pleased that Aussie has been visiting along with Ella and she was taking fish from the volunteers quite easily.

There was one day when she came in early and was the only dolphin present at feeding time. As we didn’t want to disappoint the visitors, we decided to see if she would be comfortable with feeding from them.  

Success – she was fed the whole 3kg from the public, though quite slowly. She is still a little shy and as soon as she receives a fish she turns and swims off a little way before returning for the next one.

As she gains more confidence we are sure she will line up with Mystique, Patch and Ella.  As you all probably know, they don’t waste any time in lining up for their breakfast.

Ella is still a regular with her calf Joe. Some days all the adult dolphins are very playful with him, so there is a lot of thrashing around in the water, much to the delight of the visitors. We volunteers in the water have to watch our backs in case of being knocked over.

Local residents are very welcome to catch up with our popular tourist attraction, as your entry is free of charge. You only have to pay for a feeding token. See you there!

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