Dolphin visitors ticking off their bucket lists

Meet Ella with her calf Joe when you feed the dolphins at Tin Can Bay

Meet Ella with her calf Joe when you feed the dolphins at Tin Can Bay

Even with the cool mornings, we had plenty of visitors from overseas and from Australian southern states.  This is the place to be, away from the wind, snow and rain which the southern states have incurred  lately. We welcome you.

Harmony is still showing his dominance towards Patch. We shudder when he comes in as we know Patch will take off.

We have been very lucky in having the mums and calves most days. The calves are growing very quickly. This is a good sign that they are healthy and be able to escape more readily from sharks.

I Iist some of the comments written in our Visitors Book.

“Love the dolphins and a great way to teach people about our oceans and to act responsibly! …Kerri-Ann ….. Brisbane”

“A wonderful start to the day. Great amount of knowledge to be shared. Ticked a bucket list item to the T. .. M & V  Canberra”

“ Wow – four dolphins today. A very special experience….HS…..Adelaide.”

We are sure to have a crowd over the school holidays.

If you are a local resident, you do not pay for admission to the Centre, just pay for feeding if you wish to do so.

Bring on down your relatives and friends and show them what a SPECIAL place we have here in Tin Can Bay.

See you there

Norma Sanderson (Volunteer Coordinator)

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