Dolphin News March 2021

by Norma Sanderson     

Crowds have somewhat reduced at the Dolphin Centre now, however, weekends are still busy.

If you have relatives or friends coming to stay, please inform them that during the week is a good time to see the dolphins. No long line at the gate.

We open at 7am and have viewing of the dolphins until around 7.45am. This gives visitors a chance to hear all about the history and attributes of our Australian Humpback Dolphins. Taking photographs is welcomed.

Of  course, Mystique is still up to his old tricks with balancing bottles and rocks on his rostrum to gain attention. There must have been plenty of partying going on over the years on the shore line or on boats to have so many bottles being brought in.

We are still finding local people promoting feeding at Carlo again. This issue has been reported to the Department of Environment and hopefully some fines will be imposed. Dolphins are protected and illegal feeding is prohibited.

We regularly receive many accolades about how well the Centre is run and this is mainly due to our wonderful volunteers. Well done. If you wish to volunteer and be a part of the team, please give me a call.

See you there.

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