Dolphin feeding to continue in Tin Can Bay

The Department of Environment and Science recently reviewed and updated the 2013 agreement and as a result, I am happy to announce two new dolphin calves, Luna and Joe, will now join Mystique, Patch, Ella, Harmony, Aussie and Squirt as part of the feeding program.

Trained volunteers and staff are required to follow strict conditions to keep the dolphins safe and healthy, to protect public safety and also record scientific data about the dolphins.

Volunteer Norma Sanderson reports that it was a bumper season at the Dolphin Centre with visitors from all corners of the globe. “The dolphins did not miss a day during the holiday season but some days we only had Mystique and Patch, then the females, Ella and Aussie, would arrive with their calves.

“Aussie with calf Luna has only visited a couple of times a week as her young offspring must be a handful to cope with.

Norma explains the water is warmer during the summer so the dolphins are showing their base colour of pink on the underbelly and rostrum.

“We are blessed with having the most concentrated numbers of the Australian Humpback dolphins in Australia within the Tin Can Bay Inlet and Southern Sandy Straits region. We are also very lucky to have Dean our Dolphin Research specialist documenting these dolphins with photos for future identification.

The Dolphin Centre volunteers also wish to educate people of the importance of recycling and not allow rubbish to enter waterways here or whereever their special paradise is around the world.

If you are interested in dolphins and wish to volunteer, please contact one of the coordinators at the Centre. After an interview and a three-month training program to assess your suitability, you can become a fully fledged Dolphin Volunteer.

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