Do You Have an Interest in Biodiversity?

Do You Have an Interest in Biodiversity?

Do You Have an Interest in Biodiversity?

Nominations are now open to fill four vacancies on Council’s Community Biodiversity Reference Group (previously the Biodiversity and Koala Habitat Development Strategy Reference Group).

The group is represented by a cross-section of community stakeholders including land care, fauna and flora, and coastal and waterway care groups, as well as developers and builders.

The objective of the reference group is to:

  • encourage engagement on issues of biodiversity across the Gympie region
  • seek out issues, advice, and feedback on matters relating to the development of a biodiversity strategy
  • provide focus on the importance and relevance of biodiversity across the region
  • encourage sustainable development in respect to economic, social, and environmental outcomes
  • provide direction to the new Planning Scheme considerations on matters of biodiversity
  • support community partnerships that foster sustainability and biodiversity outcomes.

Council is seeking expressions of interest from people with experience in coastal and marine environments, riparian and riverine environments, and people who work in the agricultural or development sectors.

Community Biodiversity Reference Group meetings will be held on a regular basis, with 4-6 meetings expected to happen each year. Reference group members may also be asked to comment on issues through email requests. These are volunteer roles.

Nominations close 30 June 2022. For more information and to view the selection criteria, please visit

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