Discounted Microchipping Day

Gympie Regional Council in conjunction with RSPCA Queensland are offering a discounted cat and dog microchipping day in Rainbow Beach and Tin Can Bay on April 4.

Microchipping improves the chance of finding a lost animal and provides instant proof of ownership where a collar may have come off.

Cat and dog microchipping is compulsory before the age of 12 weeks in Queensland.

The chip itself is about the size of a grain of rice. It has a unique identification number encoded on it and it is implanted just under the skin, between the shoulder blades at the back of the pet’s neck. This is a quick procedure and most animals do not feel it being injected and they cannot feel it once it is implanted.

The microchipping program is conducted on an annual basis at specific suburbs throughout the region however discount microchipping is available all year round by appointment at Gympie RSPCA Animal Care Centre, Laurenceson Road, Gympie.

Saturday April 4 Tin Can Bay 10 am – 1 pm Cnr Gympie Rd and Gar St, Rainbow Beach 2pm- 4pm, Centre Block, Rainbow Beach Rd, $30 per animal.

Bookings not required. Dogs to be on a lead and cats in a carrier or cage. The venues are outdoors, so remember to Slip Slop Slap.


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