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Learn to fish like Derek Andrews - Tin Can Bay Fishing Club offer three workshops free to locals!

Learn to fish like Derek Andrews – Tin Can Bay Fishing Club offer three workshops free to locals!

All February

Find a Frog in February

One third of frogs worldwide and one quarter in our local region are threatened with extinction. If we don’t know where they are we can’t understand what’s happening to their populations and we can’t manage our land and water to ensure their ongoing survival.

Download the Australian Museum’s FrogID app onto your smart phone and join the ‘Find a Frog in February-MRCCC’ group – another way to send in your recordings of frog calls.

Or visit for an old-fashioned data sheet and all the information you need.

Whatever way you choose, all data collected from the study area will go to the Queensland WildNet database for safekeeping and future access.

This program is generously supported by Sunshine Coast, Noosa and Fraser Coast Regional Councils.

February 2  

World Wetlands Day

On February 2, 1971 in the city of Ramsar in Iran, an international treaty for the conservation and sustainable use of wetlands; the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands of International Importance especially as Waterfowl Habitat, was adopted.

Since 1997 this date has been celebrated with World Wetlands Day to draw attention to the relevance of promoting biodiversity conservation and sustainable use of natural resources in such an important ecosystem.

Did you know that 40% of all species either live or breed in wetlands? Wetlands also remove pollutants from water runoff and provide storm protection to coastlines.

Wetlands are land areas that are saturated or flooded with water either permanently or seasonally, made up of three base categories of inland, coastal and manmade.

The Great Sandy Strait is internationally known as RAMSAR site number 992 and is the largest area of tidal swamps within the South East Qld Bioregion of Australia. The area provides an exceptionally important feeding ground for migratory shorebirds.

The 2020 theme is ‘Wetlands Biodiversity Matters’ to highlight the importance of wetland biodiversity, why it matters and to promote actions to reverse it’s loss.

The biggest threat to wetlands is agricultural and construction expansion as wetlands are viewed as wastelands. Invasive species introduction creates a misbalance, leading to food cycle disruption and native species die out. Pollution via runoff creates a filtered waste accumulation and overload, affecting flora and fauna.

How can you help?

Effective change begins at home with appropriate waste disposal and recycling, using low phosphate free detergents, unbleached paper and non-toxic cleaning products.

Plant local species to keep ecological balance, visit Cooloola City Farm for plant species advice as they mostly stock only Cooloola local plant varieties.

Join in programs to help protect and restore wetlands such as the Tin Can Bay foreshore regeneration program with the Friends of the Cooloola Foreshore. Contact Jess Milne on 0411 218 254 for more information.

Wetlands are disappearing faster that the earth’s forests and this year World Wetland Day is written as 02-02-2020. It could be a sign that marks the turn in history where humanity gains the vision to reverse wetland loss and destruction as the date is a palindrome, read the same forward and reverse.

February 14

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day in 2021 falls on a Sunday – February 14, so there is no excuse not to have some fun. Enjoy a walk beside the water, a Sandblow sunset and here are a few ideas to spoil each other and shop local….

Twilight Golf 

Special rates have begun at the Tin Can Bay Country Club now allowing even cheaper games. For just $10 each you are able to come out any afternoon after 3pm for nine holes of golf.

One of the popular options is to bring a loved one (or a mate), hire a cart and split the costs between yourselves!

Bookings are essential and subject to course availability. Please phone 5486 4231 to arrange your twilight rates.

Dine out

Treat yourselves to mouthwatering pumpkin ravioli, bruschetta and steak at Arcobaleno or share a hot and cold seafood platter at the Surf Club.

Devour oysters natural or Kilpatrick, flame grilled Tin Can Bay prawns, or do you like them macadamia crumbed, or a Vietnamese Prawn Salad at the Marina Bar and Grill? Plus you can sip bubbles with strawberries.

Try the dirty bird burger or a Texas schnitzel at the Sports Club and finish it off sharing a chocolate lava cake!

Or spend a romantic night in – with a pizza or a-la-carte takeaway from Rainbow Beach Pizza and Grill.

Tour and pamper together

Spend time with your partner on a fishing charter, a Rattler ride or why not learn to surf or scuba dive together? Indulge in a private charter to Fraser Island or Double Island Point safari. Indulge in an eye treatment package from Gypsy Barberess, or a remedial massage from the Rainbow Beach Health and Fitness. There are lots of ideas from our advertisers in this edition.

February 20

Have you seen a Traditional Chinese dance?

Enjoy a scrumptious meal at the Chinese Restaurant, Tin Can Bay Country Club on February 20 and from 7pm there’s an added treat.

It is the only Chinese New Year Traditional Lion Dance on the Cooloola Coast – at least that we know about!

Bookings are essential: 5486 4231

March 5

World Day of Prayer 

Good Shepherd Anglican Church is hosting the 2021 World Day of Prayer and this year the country in focus is Vanuatu.

Annette has called a 2021 World Day of Prayer Service planning meeting of the combined churches’ representatives for 10am on Monday February 1 at the Good Shepherd Church, 17 Carlo Road, Rainbow Beach.

March 7

Clean Up Australia Day 

Come help organise a group to clean up our towns. Or join a group like Coastcare – who plan a blitz on the carpark at the swim beach, from the Oaks parking area to Pacific Boulevard and Inskip Avenue roadsides.

We’ll include the different sites and organisers in our March edition – so be sure to let us know!

March 8

Enter a photo competition! 

Queensland Country Woman’s Tin Can Bay Branch look forward to 2021 activities and competitions – our first is State Photography. Let’s hope we all have been taking snaps over the holidays.

The Categories are;

1-Black and White Sepia. Any subject.

2-QCWA members having fun at meetings or functions

3- A- Photo by primary school aged child

B- Photo by a secondary school aged child

4- Aminals, birds, insects, fish. May be close up domestic or wild

5a-Landscape. May include land, sky and/or water

5b-Drone landscape, land sky and/or water (must have permission slip signed by owner of land)


7-At home

8-International table display. Any country with written name or objects identifying the country

9-Healthy food and or/drinks

10-People, single, group or crowd. Children’s photos must have a permission slip signed (by parents)

11- Plants, part of plant. May include fungi and trees

12-Special Category QCWA primary study product for 2021 is SHEEP, any photos of sheep

Photo must be rectangular 5×7 max (12.7cm x17.8) mounted on black cardboard (half a4 sheet)

A 50 cent entry fee for all photos. Special Category Sheep are judged by separate coin donation.

Closing Date March 8. All enquiries to Mrs Lorraine Bishop – 548 6 2226.

March 14

Three free events for fishos

Tin Can Bay Fishing Club has three funded events in the first part of 2021. These are free to locals who wish to enter the world of fishing and boating.

Senior Fishing Training Day March 14 – open to people over the age of 18 who     want to learn how to fish.

Boating Safety Course March 28 – open to people over 18 who wish to     improve their boating knowledge.

Junior Fishing Day April 17 – open to people under 18 who are keen to learn the basics of fishing. Juniors finish the day with all they need to start fishing except the bait.

Numbers are limited – if interested contact the secretary on 0437242717.


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