Daring Dragons deserve medals

Bravery awards have to go to the Cooloola Dragons who represented us to form part of the Wide Bay Team at Lake Kawana last month.

They gave it their very best under the most woeful conditions, and apart from goosebumps, soaking wet from head to toe, remained steadfast to their commitment.

As always, our Coach Sandra did a great job of organising the teams for the competition. Makes one proud to be a Cooloola Dragon.

A big thank you to our secretary, Elaine, who is out with an injury, but managed and supported the team. The Regatta was cancelled after more bad weather was predicted.

The Club will be paddling at another Regatta on December 2 at Kawana, so we are all hoping for fine weather.

Come on down and try the sport on a Thursday afternoon at 3.30pm or Sunday at 7.30am. We are on the water for approx one hour, so bring a hat, sunscreen and water.

See you there,

Norma Sanderson

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